The first season of Ollie's Pack aired on April 6, 2020 on Nickelodeon.

It consists of a total of 26 22-minute episodes.


Ollie’s Pack follows Ollie and his backpack, which doubles as a powerful portal allowing an array of monsters to travel from the Monsterverse into Ollie’s world on Earth. Throughout the series, Ollie and his two best friends must protect the earth from the horrifying monsters that have escaped, while often utilizing the helpful monsters who assist with their everyday tween problems, like sneaking into a movie or winning their school’s Battle of the Bands contest. No matter the circumstances, Ollie’s thirst for adventure undoubtedly gets him into trouble that only he and his friends can resolve.


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Titlecard Title Airdate Prod. code
1 1

"The Chosen One...Stinks/Not Another Superhero Movie" April 6, 2020 103
Ollie's stinky sweat is a hot commodity in the Monsterverse, and he makes a deal in exchange for it; Ollie, Cleo and Bernie need to make an epic superhero movie to save Portshill Jr. High's Film Club.
2 2

"New Kid on Campus/The Chosen One(s)" April 7, 2020 101
When Ollie takes Captain Wowski to school in the pack, he loves it so much he poses as the new kid the next day; A former Chosen One's unexpected presence creates a rift between Ollie and his pals.
3 3

"Lord of the Caf/Doom for Rent" April 8, 2020 106
After recess gets canceled, Ollie directs Lucius Van Horn to play VP Magna and change up the rules; in hopes of making some extra cash for a Mother's Day gift, Ollie rents his shed to bounty hunters Andre and Bev.
4 4

"Sorry to Father You/Race to Sploosh Mountain" April 9, 2020 110
Ollie pulls a role model monster dad out of the pack to teach him how to shave for the first time; Ollie, his mom and pals pack up the car for a road trip to Sploosh Mountain.
5 5
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"Major Snooch/We're With the Band" April 13, 2020 102
Major Snooch comes out of the pack to test Ollie as the Chosen One and evaluate CW as a guardian; Ollie pulls two rocker monsters out of the pack for Battle of the Bands, attracting Andre and Bev.
6 6
King Swelly Belly Title Card

Screenshot 2020-04-15-09-34-56
"King Swelly Belly/Yard Sale Fail" April 14, 2020 109
Ollie and monster gut slug, Jeffrey, team up to help each other win an eating contest and find love; after Ollie's mom sells his beloved preschool toys at a yard sale, Ollie and CW investigate the suspected buyers.
7 7

"Cleo for President/The Janitor" April 15, 2020 105
When Cleo runs for class president, Ollie summons Courtney Poweredge from the pack to be Cleo's campaign manager; nobody but Ollie suspects that the new school janitor is a monster.
8 8

"Charmed and Dangerous/Science Unfair" April 16, 2020 107
Ollie and his friends save VP Magna from beautiful monster Buene Brillo, who pursues him for his good looks; Ollie summons a monster in hopes of helping Bernie impress Mr. Pandey with his robot at the Science Fair.
9 9

"Hollie Monitor/Sister Save Me" May 11, 2020 113
After a series of locker vandalism, Ollie becomes hall monitor and summons a sheriff monster from the pack; while Ollie is out of commission with a swollen ankle, Piper takes on the job of Chosen One.
10 10

"Cool Hand Wowski/Big Bern" May 12, 2020 111
After Ollie and Captain Wowski have a spat, CW is mistaken for a stray cat and gets captured by Animal Control; preparing to meet a bully after school, Bernie finds a monster device in CW's closet that can help him.
11 11

"Getting Oldie With It/Lil' Baby Ollie" May 13, 2020 127
After Ollie, Cleo and Bernie use an age-up monster to get into the movies, Bernie experiences the joy of being old; Ollie impresses the coolest kids in School but now he’s got to watch a scary movie featuring his biggest fear, geese.
12 12

"Ollie Dogs/Camp Magna" May 14, 2020 108
Ollie offers a monster realm condiment for his hot dog stand, accidentally causing weird side effects; Ollie and his classmates go on a camping trip. Ollie uses the pack to avoid roughing it, attracting Andre and Bev.
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