1a "The Chosen One...Stinks" Meh 4/10

1b "Not Another Superhero Movie" Meh 4/10

2a "New Kid on Campus" Mediocre 3/10

2b "The Chosen One(s)" Meh 4/10

3a "Lord of the Caf" Meh 4/10

3b "Doom for Rent" Meh 4/10

4a "Sorry to Father You" Meh 4/10

4b "Race to Sploosh Mountain" OK 6/10

5a "Major Snooch" Meh 4/10

5b "We're With the Band" Meh 4/10

6a "King Swelly Belly" OK 6/10

6b "Yard Sale Fail" Good 7/10

7a "Cleo for President" Average 5/10

7b "The Janitor" Great 8/10

8a "Charmed and Dangerous" Meh 4/10

8b "Science Unfair" Meh 4/10

9a "Hollie Monitor" Meh 4/10

9b "Sister Save Me" Meh 4/10

10a "Cool Hand Wowski" Meh 4/10

10b "Big Bern" Meh 4/10

11a "Getting Oldie With It" Meh 4/10

11b "Lil' Baby Ollie" Mediocre 3/10

12a "Ollie Dogs" Meh 4/10

12b "Camp Magna" Meh

13a "Chacy Rancy" TBA

13b "The Monters V. Ollie Allen" TBA

14a "History of Portshill" TBA 

14b "Trio's a Crowd" TBA

S1 in my opinion (so far) is Mediocre 3/10

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